You must have heard about the electrical services safety problems caused by old or outdated electrical panels. But are you sure that your home is completely safe? You should understand that there are certain signs which indicate your system needs an upgrade.

If you discover any of these issues, it’s recommended to contact a professional electrician of ALL Electric who can evaluate the situation and provide solutions for better safety. 

Here are a few signs that you should look out for:

Circuit Breaker Tripping

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it’s time to call a residential electrician. There are many reasons circuit breakers trip, but the most common is that the electrical panel is overtaxed. When your electrical load is too high, it can cause the breaker to trip or blow out. You should turn off all circuits and call an electrician to inspect your electrical panel if this happens.

Some homeowners don’t realize they have a problem until their circuit breaker trips several times a day. Issues like these normally occur because of outdated wiring. This means your electrical panel needs to be upgraded. 

A residential electrician in Durham fixing a switch.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell in your electrical panel, it could be an electrical fire. Don’t ignore the smell of smoke; an electrical fire can lead to an explosion or even a fire.

Several factors could cause an electrical fire, including faulty appliances or wiring or short circuits. However, the most common cause of an electrical fire is overloaded circuits. This is often due to improperly installed outlets and extension cords. If you notice a burning smell, we suggest that you immediately seek help from an electrical repair services provider to upgrade your panel.

Flickering Lights

Light flickering can be a sign that your electrical panel is failing. It’s extremely important to hire a residential electrician in Bath immediately when you notice flickering lights because, in most cases, this means that one of the circuit breakers has failed. 

Expert electrical repair services providers see flickering lights as an early warning sign that your home’s electrical system needs a serious upgrade. Without immediate attention, the problem could become much worse.

So, if you notice your lights flickering, consult a residential electrician immediately to avoid any serious potential problems.

Odd Sounds

Have you noticed an odd sound when flipping your breakers in your electrical panel? The sound may be caused by the plastic contacts in an older distribution panel. These distribution panels are mostly aluminum, and the metal vibrates when electricity flows through it. 

If this sounds like your electrical panel, you should consider upgrading it to a new one. You should hire a certified electrician to upgrade it for you. 

Melting Wires

One of the most common problems that electrical panels have is overheating. The wires inside the panel get so hot that they actually melt.

This leads to a number of problems. First, it makes it difficult for homeowners to figure out which wire is supposed to go where, especially when there is a fire. What was once a white wire may be a black wire after the fire melted it.

Secondly, though this isn’t really an issue for homeowners, it does cause issues for electricians who will have to work in a panel with overheated wires. It’s never a good sign, and you should consult an electrician immediately if you notice melting wires in your electrical panel.

Too Hot to Touch

Another thing that you should look for is if any parts of the panel seem to be hot. If you notice that the box or even one of the breakers is too hot to touch, you need to call a professional right away. These signs could mean some serious problems with the wiring going on behind your walls.

A panel that’s too hot to touch is usually growing increasingly unsafe and will likely be a financial burden later on. To prevent a fried fuse box, turn off all power to the panel before calling an electrician to protect your house from catching fire.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems or if you are worried about the safety of your home, it’s time to talk to a professional residential electrician in Topsham for electrical repair services

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