Heat pumps operate by heating air from the surroundings to heat your house. Generally, there are three types of heat pumps: water source, ground source, and air source. Each of these appliances uses a different source of heat to function. So before hiring a heat pump installation service, choose the type of unit suited to your requirements.  

Whether you need a heat pump installation service or repair service for an existing one, a professional electrician can help. Here’s how to prepare for it. 


Heat Pump Installation 

Before the electrician begins the installation process, they will inspect the site to determine the best location in your house. During this step, it’s crucial to assess the insulation level as it will help you determine the size of the heat pump you need. 

To install a water-source pump, the technician will first check the water level on the land. When installing the outdoor unit, the technician will place the cables and heating pipes through the walls to connect them to the system. A properly installed heat pump can save you 30% to 40% in energy bills. However, it requires regular maintenance for efficient functioning.


Heat Pump Repair Services 

Like any other electrical system in your house, heat pumps are also prone to damages. When your heat pump malfunctions, its components are likely to suffer wear. So if it’s making unusual noises, turning on and off frequently, or emitting odors, consider hiring an electrician who can make the necessary repairs. A simple diagnosis will help them identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.  


Common Problems in a Heat Pump

Most of the problems with a heat pump can be associated with its poor initial design. If it has a poor heating distribution system or inaccurate heat loss calculation, it’ll operate poorly.  

Moreover, if the heat pump makes grinding noises, the motor’s bearing may be shot. Common reasons for these noises include loose screws or thermal expansion.

Clogged filters may cause your heat pump to turn on and off frequently. An electrician will clean the filter, but if the problem persists, they may replace it or repair the heat anticipator.   

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