Nearly all our daily chores rely on electricity. From charging laptops and smartphones to washing clothes, cooking meals, and storing food in the refrigerator. Everything depends upon the electricity. Just like homes, business operations also need electricity to perform. If there’s no electricity, our lives come to a halt. When the electrical power network becomes unavailable, power outages occur. Frequent power outages not only cause lost productivity but can also put your electrical appliances at risk. 

Electrical troubleshooting What Causes a Power Outage 

There are fundamentally three major causes of a power outage.

  1. Natural causes
  2. Human error
  3. Overloading

If there’s an interruption between the electric supply and power generation because of any of the above-mentioned causes, try to reach out to an electrical service provider and schedule maintenance.

A lot of power outages don’t last longer than a few seconds or minutes. However, if a natural disaster or any other problematic situation takes place, power outages could also last for several days or even weeks. 

Power outages typically occur because of damage to power lines caused by heavy windstorms, lightning, and storms. If a power outage lasts longer than 12 hours it can heavily affect an entire community. If you run a business, then you’ll have to pause all your business activities which results in productivity loss or a massive financial loss. 

Common Types of Power Outages


When there’s a blackout, everything is shut off. It means that there’s a complete loss of power in your area. Blackout is the most severe power outage type that affects thousands of people and larger areas and communities.  

Typically, blackouts occur because of major damage in your area’s electrical generation facilities; such as structural damage. These power outages tend to last longer than other ones. 


When there’s a voltage drop in your home’s power supply, brownouts take place. It basically refers to the dimming of lights because of the drop in electrical voltage. While brownouts don’t turn everything around black, you may have to turn your electric appliances off when they occur, otherwise it may affect their performance. Several electrical devices don’t work when there’s a brownout, so they can also affect your productivity. 

Permanent Fault 

 A sudden loss of power takes place when there’s a power line fault. This is the simplest type of power outage as the power gets restored as soon as the fault is repaired or removed. This type of power outage can affect smaller areas like neighborhoods.

Rolling Blackouts

The term, ‘’ Rolling Blackouts’’ refers to planned power outages. These outages are pre-planned and deployed in areas that aren’t equipped with stable grids systems or the residential communities with a grid system whose infrastructure isn’t capable of handling the population.

What We Can Do

Power outages can disrupt communications, transportation, and water supply. An extended power outage may even result in the closure of ATMs, banks, retail stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. They can cause massive food spoilage and several other problems. You should always be prepared for such a situation to mitigate the damage and keep your appliances working. Always make sure that you have alternative solutions for the power supply when the power goes out. Use backup generators or batteries, portable chargers, and power banks to ensure that all the important appliances work when there’s a blackout. 


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