Power outages, be they planned or unplanned, can last for days, weeks, or longer. Since, a majority of our daily activities, household chores, and business operations rely on electricity, power outages can cause tremendous damage to our residential appliances, communication systems, food storage, transportation, and several other services. To mitigate the damage, you need to have a plan to stay prepared for a sudden power outage and protect your appliances against it.

Be Prepared

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You need to prepare in advance for power outages.

  • To effectively overcome any challenging situation or an emergency, you need to develop a support network. Always have your contact list on a diary and note the contacts of people who you think could help you stay home when there’s a blackout.
  • If you want to stay connected to the world during a blackout, sign up to alert systems and apps to receive notifications and message alerts. Always keep communication devices that can also work without home power, such as a battery radio, cordless phones, portable chargers, computers, and power banks.

Taking these measures is critical to prepare for brownouts as well because we recommend you to unplug all electrical appliances during a brownout, otherwise, the performance of your electrical equipment will be impaired. After unplugging you’ll have to rely on the above-mentioned tips.

Use Surge Protectors

While it’s important to unplug electronic devices when there’s a power outage, it’s not always possible. Alternatively, you can use surge protectors to protect them against the changes in the voltage supply or power surges when the electricity is restored. You can purchase power strips with built-in surge protectors, and plug appliances like computers into them. Since these power strips contain a fuse; when there’s a voltage spike, it only affects the fuse and not the plugged device

Alternatively, you can also install a whole-house surge protector in your electrical panel. It’s a robust solution that will help you protect all your home’s electrical appliances. If you want to ensure maximum safety, you can also consult your electricity provider and ask them to mount a surge protector along your home’s electrical line, right before the meter. To get the job done, you’ll also need to acquire services from a certified electrician as they will adhere to the restrictions of your local utility provider during the installation.

Install GFCI Outlets

In several countries, installing GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets in bathrooms and kitchen is mandatory for homeowners. GFCI is basically a red and black button that says “Test” and “Reset”, respectively. These outlets monitor the electricity flow in each socket and shut off the flow if the difference exceeds a certain limit.

Use a UPS

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UPS (uninterruptable power system) fundamentally works like a large power strip that consists of a large battery. If it detects any issues in the voltage supply such as power outages and surges, the battery engages with it to ensure that all your appliances keep working smoothly. This is especially important for protecting desktop computers because a sudden power outage or voltage spike can lead to a complete loss of data in a fraction of a second.

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