Inflation in the US has hit a 40-year high of 8.3%. As the situation unfolds, economists predict that the inflation rate is going to increase further and die down gradually as we enter 2023. This is largely a result of the hike in global fuel prices.

However, paying $5 for gas isn’t the only way this energy crisis affects you. Expensive fuel means expensive energy in all forms. Your energy bills will go up significantly in the next couple of months.

Scientists worry that this crisis may leave the world no choice but to resort to fossil fuels. Although that would ease the short-term pain, increasing carbon emissions would make it even harder to reach the COP26 goal of going carbon neutral by 2050.

There’s one way you can contribute to preserving the environment and saving the economy while lowering your energy bills at the same time. That way is improving your home’s energy efficiency. This article brings you some of the most effective energy efficiency ideas. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Get High-Efficiency Appliances

Replacing your appliances, such as light bulbs, with high-efficiency alternatives is one of the easiest ways to limit energy loss around your house. When shopping for new appliances such as a refrigerator or a microwave oven, make sure you get an energy-efficient one.


Get Your Electrical Circuits Inspected and Repaired

Most residents don’t realize this, but faulty circuits can be a major source of energy loss. Bad connections have a higher resistance which wastes energy as heat. Heated wires have even higher resistance, and the higher temperature further deteriorates the circuits. If you’re in Southern Maine and you haven’t gotten your electrical systems inspected in a while, call electrical services in Topsham now. 


Switch To Condensing Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters waste a lot of energy. They have to keep the water in the tank heated and ready 24/7. This means that your heater is consuming energy regardless of whether you’re using hot water or not. Tankless water heaters are far more efficient, and condensing heaters are a further improvement on tankless water heaters.


Install Cool Roofing

Installing insulating cool roofing is one of the easiest ways to save on your cooling and heating bills. Cool roofing materials don’t absorb a lot of heat from the sun. They’re also slower at radiating heat. This means that your house doesn’t absorb much heat in the summer and doesn’t lose much heat in the winter. You save on cooling and heating.


Install Low-E Glass For Windows

Getting enough sunlight into your house or workplace can improve mood and productivity. You may even have a contemporary-style home with glass panel walls. Whether it’s mood, productivity, or aesthetics, you only need the visible part of sunlight. 

Sunlight also has high-energy UV and infrared rays that do nothing but heat up your space. Low-E reflects UV and infrared while only allowing visible light into your house.


Plant Trees and Shrubs Around Your House

Research is showing that parts of cities that have more plants tend to be cooler. This is because concrete absorbs light from the sun and radiates it as heat. On the other hand, trees use sunlight to make energy for themselves. Planting trees and shrubs around your house can save you a lot on cooling bills and act as windbreaks in winter that can reduce your heating costs.

Get Your Home Automated

One of the main sources of energy loss in residences is just human error. It’s natural to forget to turn off appliances when not needed. Sometimes you don’t have the energy to go around the house, ensuring no appliances are unnecessarily turned on. Smart home automation has made saving energy easier than ever

A smart home can save a lot of energy if set up professionally compared to a traditional home. For one, it can turn appliances on and off as needed. Smart homes can also precisely control heating and cooling based on the day’s current temperature and temperature forecasts. 

Heating and cooling are major contributors to your energy bills, and home automation can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, smart home automation is complex and requires knowledge of the industry. Call All Electric for home automation services in Topsham and set up your smart home the smart way.

If you want help to make your home more energy-efficient and lower your electric bill every month, contact the pros here at All Electric. We’re a fully licensed electrical services company and a leading provider of electrical repair and home automation services in Topsham. 

We can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals with a wide range of available options and our deep pool of knowledge and experience. Get in touch for a free quote now!