Did you know a workplace adjustment here and there can make a difference to your workforce’s performance? Research has time and again proven that workplace cultures have a direct impact on the workforce’s performance. LinkedIn is brimming with innovative workspace ideas to help employees focus better on their work. 

As far as workplace lighting is considered, you’ve hit a chord bringing that up! Lighting can either contribute to productivity or suck the life out of a workplace and affects how excited your workforce feels about coming to work. Any employee needs adequate lighting apart from the daylight to be productive at work. 

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Let’s find out how proper lighting improves productivity at work.

man and woman workingBetter Workplace Lighting for Better Alertness

Studies at Greenwich university-led some experiments that focused on how different workers felt working under different lighting. Workers that worked under “blue-enriched light bulbs” felt happier and more concentrated throughout their work. Not only was their attention on their tasks, but they were also able to reach better outcomes than other workers. 

According to recent research, blue light is most associated with alertness. The light is known to block melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep. The results are greater task focus and better alertness at work.

Blue Cooler Lighting for Ideation and Discussion Rooms

It’s not just lighting that affects how we think, but lighting is also associated with color temperatures. Lower color temperature lights are installed in places made for relaxing. While mid-tone, white lighting has a cooler effect on the brain. The lighting would be perfect for rooms used for generating ideas, preparing models, formulating road maps, and more!


Daylight Alone Was Never Enough

We know you can ace work in normal daylight, but what about regions that receive less of it in winters? Your closed conference rooms rarely benefit from lots of natural lights either! Here’s when artificial lights come to your rescue. They can be installed in larger places and for safety in places that don’t receive much sunlight.

Not sure if the common room in your workplace needs artificial lighting? Reach out to our commercial electrical service for commercial lighting solutions and other electrical services.

Lighting You Can Control

Workplaces are multifunctional setups that may be working on more than one task simultaneously. While you might need a lot of light during a group discussion, you might need none of it during a PowerPoint presentation. The easy way to manage your workspace’s lighting, use the lighting you can control! What’s better than going for artificial lighting instead?

Warm Lighting for Cafeterias

Warm lighting doesn’t cause you to feel lousy like dim lighting. It’s an absolute stress reliever and makes a worker feel less exhausted. These lights need to be installed in breakrooms and the cafeteria to allow some rest for a performing employee.

 You’d need to range your warm lights in between red and orange. The yellowish color of warm lighting is also related to elevating mood and making you feel better. 

Back Lighting to Reduce Eye Strain

Your laptops, phones, and tablets yield blue light that helps keep your brain alert. It’s indispensable that you manage it with dim backlighting to release as much pressure as possible from the eyes. Since backlighting is contrasted with blue lights, the lighting helps increase the employee’s focus on objects under the blue light. 

The ratio of lights is something you can negotiate with your electrician. Electricians in Bowdoin and Augusta handle commercial lighting projects now and then! Request a quote or opt for a free consultation from our outlet in Maine. 

Mid-Toned Lighting for Conference Rooms and Meeting Areas

We don’t want hard glares to cause eye strain when employers move from their work cubicles to larger meeting areas like conference rooms and meeting areas. Mid-toned lighting would be perfect for discussions that require the attention of the speaker. 

Improving workplace productivity is an ongoing challenge for all employers and managers. If you want help making your lighting work for you and not against you to this end, reach out to A.L.L. Electric.  Our expert electricians are experienced in installing all kinds of light fixtures and backup generators. We can help you with electrical panel up-gradation for your commercial enterprises as well.