Those are bygone days when lights and heating in the room would need switches! You don’t need them anymore! That’s precisely how smart homes work. They use connected devices to perform house chores and tasks. Something like using a remote control to switch on all the lights in the house or receive a notification when the main gate is left open.

The trend seems to be gaining momentum with each passing year. A recent survey found that homeowners who plan on taking home improvements for the years to come were more inclined to go for smart home tech. Especially owners with high income find the concept to be quite appealing.

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Here are some ways for the creative automation of your home.

More Sensors for Automatic Lighting

Most motion sensors use ultraviolet light or microwaves to sensor a presence in the room. Some motion sensors use infrared energy as well. The lights help amplify signals by detecting an increase in body temperature. Motion sensing lights are modern light ware. They are installed mostly in homes that use glass. The effect is as efficient as ever, with your house knowing automatically about your presence. 

Emerging TVs from the Floor

You must have seen this spectacle unfold on home tour videos, but that’s exactly how home theaters work these days. You don’t want TVs and music systems cluttering your room anymore! An ascending TV is what we’re rooting for when it comes to home automation. As soon as you pull out the TV, the curtains automatically draw while the lights in the room dim for balanced illumination.

Find Out Who’s at the Door as Soon as the Bell Rings

This one simply needs a camera connected to your digital devices in the living. Your home becomes more secure and easier to manage this way. You can even have a device ask them who they are. You can even connect your security cameras with your porch and gate lights. As soon as the doorbell is rung, the lights on your porch and gate will, by default, switch on.

home automation remoteControlling Your Heating and Cooling System Just with a Click!

Now you can easily automate your home with programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats are the ideal option to reduce energy costs and automate your indoor heating and cooling as per your liking. Running your heating and cooling system on full blast wasn’t helping anyone! 

Do yourself a favor by installing automated heating and cooling systems that can adjust your room’s indoor temperature with a simple click.

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Automated Fireplaces

Who’d want to go through the hassle of lighting a fireplace when you can do it with a single touch? Automation has made homes so advanced you need not worry about ways you can ignite fireplaces to keep your homes cozy and warm. A living room equipped with high-tech products has become a personal favorite of most visitors. 

Automated Curtains

Curtains these days don’t need extra effort to be drawn! You now have advanced automated curtains to do the job for you. Use the remote control to push your curtains sideways after waking up. 

Looking to give a luxurious touch to your home? Automated heating towel racks can work to keep your house comfy during summers. You can even play around with your doors using automated locks for your wardrobe and other rooms. 

Secure Your Home with Automated Alarm Systems

This is one of the top ways to secure your house against burglaries. Have a radar system installed for quick vigilance. You can even ask cars and people to confirm their identity through automated voiceovers. You can even have alarms that go off when an unauthorized person tries to enter without a password! 

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