Efficiency Of Maine Rebate

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Efficiency Of Maine Rebate

Rebate Qualifications

Heat Pump Edibility

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  • Tier 1 heat pumps:
    •  AHRI-rated HSPF 12.0 or greater for systems with single indoor unit
    •  AHRI-rated HSPF 10.0 or greater for systems with multiple indoor units
  • Tier 2 heat pumps:
    •  AHRI-rated HSPF 12.5 or greater
    • – Each system is single-zone
    • – Wall-mounted indoor unit
    • – Installed on or after 1/1/2020
    • – Home not served by natural gas
  • Located in Maine
  • 1- to 4-unit residential building
  • Rebated heat pumps will be used to heat the home throughout the heating season
  • Installed in primary living area, not a garage or outbuilding
  • Lifetime limit is two heat pump indoor unit rebates per dwelling
  • Installed according to the Heat Pump Installation Requirements Checklist
  • Upgrades completed within the last 12 months
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