Many organizations add greenery and other decorative elements to their commercial space entrance to enhance the appeal. But all of these efforts go to waste when the site lacks sufficient lighting. Outdoor lighting can accentuate every external element of a building. It also protects the facility from intruders and burglars. Here are a few ways to use outdoor lighting to bring aesthetic appeal to any commercial site.

1. Install Lights in the Garden 

If the exterior of your building has a garden, you can install lights in this area to create a mesmerizing look. You can install lighting in your garden in many different ways, depending on the space and its dimensions. If you have flower pots in the garden, you can install lights around them to create a uniform look. You can use the fountains, bird feeders, or any other content of your garden to highlight your entire exterior with lights. Commercial electricians of Cape Elizabeth can make this installation easier for every commercial site, in addition to providing some innovative ideas. 

2. Light Up the Pathway

An entrance for customers If the entrance or exit of your building has a long or convoluted pathway, it can be difficult to see without bright lights. For offices with both day and night shifts, it is essential to install sufficient lights around the walking pathway. The employees could feel unsafe outside the building without appropriate lighting at night. To solve these problems, install ground lights that guide your visitors through the pathway. Especially if the entrance of your building is disconnected from the main street. There are types of ground lights you can choose depending on your property’s needs. These lights will not only help your company’s visitors but also guide pedestrians off your property. 

3. Lights on Trees 

We see a lot of illuminated trees throughout Christmas, but not many after the holiday season are over. Why not continue this trend for the rest of the year and use creativity to illuminate our office building? Tree lights can divert much more attention towards any commercial facility and enhance its beauty. These lights are usually easily replaceable. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get tree lights for your building either, as these lights can be in different sizes and are relatively affordable. Call a commercial electrician in Lisbon today and make your building stand out with beautiful tree lights.  

4. Illuminated Signs and Boards

You can use the exit or entrance signs as the focal point of your exterior by installing smaller lights on them. Any other signage or boards can also be illuminated to offer the same effect. But make sure you don’t install lights on bigger signboards, or it may create a distraction for drivers. Also, avoid installing illuminated signage in the garden and use lights that complement your building’s architectural structure. You can install small arrow signs at the entrance or exits and install different colored lights on each. This will save new visitors from a lot of confusion. Get in touch with ALL Electric and avail their lighting services for a professional installation that won’t require repair for a long time. 

5. Motion Sensor Lights 

If you are worried about the cost of lighting at night, then you can opt for motion sensor lights. These lights will keep intruders at bay while saving your electrical resources. Lighting services companies of Topsham can suggest to you many different types of lights for outdoor landscapes, according to your budget and needs. You can choose from various lights depending on the installation space and the purpose. Contact ALL Electric to get superior quality motion sensor lights installed in the outdoor landscape of your commercial facility at a reasonable price.  

6. Illuminate the Building 

This option can be more expensive than other outdoor lighting elements but does a great job highlighting your location. You can use lights to outline the building or go for an elegant look with full coverage. Buildings with unique architecture are perfect for this type of lighting. This lighting style does not only beautifies the facility but works as an effective branding activity at the same time. 

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