Electrical Installation

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Professional for Electrical Installation

If you need any type of electrical installation performed in your home, save yourself the trouble that comes with trying to do it yourself, no matter how many YouTube videos you’ve watched. By hiring a professional, you can save yourself time and money while preventing what could be a possibly dangerous situation. 

Here are 5 crucial reasons to hire a licensed electrician.


This refers to safety both on the job and long-term. 

Working with electricity can be extremely hazardous if not handled properly and is simply not worth the risk of injury (or in some cases, fatality). If electrical work is done incorrectly there is an increased risk of fire hazard, shocks, and other dangers down the road. Not to mention, faulty electrical work can even cause damage to appliances or electronics.

We can’t stress this enough – do not try to do this yourself. It’s just not safe. Always hire a professional for any electrical work that needs to be done.


This is one thing you won’t be able to duplicate unless you’re a licensed electrician. You hire people because they are licensed to do the things you cannot do!

The education and experience provided by a professional is incredibly valuable to any electrical project you may need done. If you want more information about an electrician’s work history, don’t be afraid to ask for a background of previous electrical jobs. This will also help confirm that the electrician you choose is licensed and insured before they take on your project.

Cost Savings

If nothing else, this should be your main motivator to hire a professional. You’ve heard it before – time is money! Having the work done correctly the first time means not having to fix issues that would most likely arise if you did it yourself. Not to mention, you’d have to spend more to correct those issues in the long run. Your electrical “DIY project” could end up costing more than you were estimating, especially if you’re unsure what you’re doing.

Insurance and Guarantees

It’s very common for electricians (or the companies they work for) to offer some type of guarantee that allows them to stand by the quality of their work. If any problems occur during or after electrical installation, chances are they will re-inspect and fix it at no cost.

Plus, professional electricians should always be insured. Many electricians, like the team at ALL Electric, are certified and have had to obtain specific licensure to perform the work they are providing. 

If you have any questions about whether an electrician is insured or guarantees are offered, be sure to discuss this prior to the work being done.

Get It Right the First Time

Becoming a licensed electrician takes years of education and staying up-to-date on relevant courses to maintain licensure. Hiring a professional or master electrician is an investment that will help guarantee the quality you’re receiving. 

They will also be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and tackle them in a prompt, timely manner. Being able to hold accountable a licensed and insured company is well worth any pennies you may be trying to pinch.

Contact the Professional Electricians at All Electric

Avoid getting in over your head. While electrical wiring may look simple, it can quickly become more complicated than anticipated – and ultimately more expensive to fix.

Contact the professional electricians at ALL Electric today for any electrical installation you may need for your home or business. We’ll take care of you!