Loss Prevention Strategies

Monitoring Your Business on Vacation

Have you heard the old saying: When the cat’s away, the mice will play? It’s often applied to the situation when the boss is away. As a business owner, you can prepare loss prevention strategies to safely monitor your employees while you are not physically on the business premises.

IP Video: The Not-So-New Kid On The Block

The latest commercial video surveillance systems include Internet Protocol (IP) technology. This far surpasses the older closed-circuit TV (CCTV) systems that recorded video on to tape and let the business owner examine it later as needed. IP-based systems offer live video coverage instead – giving the business owner the ability to vacation with their family while monitoring their employees.

IP surveillance systems offer several distinct advantages over the old CCTV systems including:

  • Recording and storing surveillance for future use
  • Monitoring one or more businesses via your smartphone, regardless of your location
  • Check alerts that ensure you are notified of any security breaches immediately
  • As a business owner, you can customize your commercial video surveillance system based on your unique requirements. You may include motion sensors, door sensors, timer settings, and even continual computer feeds from a specific location. Plus, you can check in on everything via your smartphone.

The Positive Benefits Of Video Surveillance

Smart business owners know that a security system is not just about preventing employees from stealing or slacking off. It’s also about protecting their employees from harm. If an employee is threatened or attacked, you’ll have the evidence and support you need to help your employee defend their claims in court.

If one employee is bullying another, you’ll know about that too and can take steps to correct the problem. Employees who feel safe and protected are far more likely to be loyal and hard-working employees. Otherwise, they find other work and you are left with the work of training another employee and hoping they stick around longer.

To learn more about loss prevention strategies, such as installing commercial video surveillance systems at your business to monitor your employees, contact the experts at ALL Electric today. We’ll be happy to show you how security cameras can help you protect and monitor your employees.