Generators are a great way to stay prepared for power outages and other voltage problems. However, improper handling of generators can lead to tragedies like the ones that took place in Texas and Louisiana. If you want to mitigate these risks while running generators, you need to remember the points mentioned here.

Generators: What to Do

  • Proper installation is the key to ensuring maximum safety. A majority of incidents involving generators take place because of inadequate installation. Try to seek services from a licensed company for the installation of generators and make sure that they comply with the manufacturer’s instructions in all their operations.
  • Learn about the safe operation of generators. To avoid electric shocks, carbon monoxide, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning follow all the instructions. The fumes evacuating from the engine can expose you to CO gaswhich may make you feel sick, dizzy, or weak.
  • Always verify the standards, requirements, and codes to ensure that the installation procedure and generator are compliant. If you have any confusion, consult a licensed electrician to understand these complexities and will meet all the necessary requirements.
  • Always keep your generator in an open space. Burning fuels produce a dangerous gas, carbon monoxide which is colorless and odorless but deadly, therefore most manufacturers recommend the buyers to operate generate in a safe and open-air environment.
  • When installing generators, also install battery-operated or plug-in (with battery back-up) CO alarms, test CO alarms from time to time,and replace batteries when there’s a need.
  • Always make sure that you meet fuel storage standards and store it in proper containers.
  • Make sure that you always keep them dry. Operating them in rain or snow can lead to serious injuries or sometimes death.


Generator: What Not to Do

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  • Don’t power the residential wiring by plugging the generator into a wall outlet. backfeeding is highly risky and may lead to electrocution risks for neighbors and utility workers. A transfer switch keeps the circuits isolated and prevents the risk of fire or overload.
  • Don’t neglect the maintenance of your generator and electrical system. Routine inspection of generators is essential to ensure that it’s not damaged. During an all-round inspection of the generator, you need to inspect valves for leaks and cracks, storage tanks, and pipes. Follow the terms mentioned in your maintenance contract and get your unit serviced, once every year.
  • Don’t refuel the generator if it hasn’t cooled down. If you need to refuel the generator, first turn it off and let it cool. If not, engine parts may ignite if some of the fuel spills on them.
  • Many people tend to neglect this, but never run all the connected devices at once. Learn about your generator’s capacity and increase the load gradually.
  • Diesel fuel and gasoline can become hazardous if kept for longer than the recommended time unless you add certain chemicals. Learn the amount of fuel you can safely store and your generator’s rate of fuel consumption. Store the fuel in containers specifically designed for them and keep them in a cool and dry place; away from heat sources. Make sure that the containers are kept in a well-ventilated place.

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